100 KM

The scenic 100km ride begins in Barrie and makes its way through the valleys and farmland north of Toronto. It’s a challenging and exhilarating course for recreational riders.

50 KM

The 50km ride is a great beginner route that covers beautiful countryside and guarantees a fun and memorable experience for participants.

Both 100km and 50km riders will begin their rides in Barrie at Heritage Park. All 50km riders will end their ride in the countryside at Holland Marsh Winery, the 2nd rest stop for the 100 km riders – who will continue on their way to Baycrest.

Along the route

25 km – Rest stop #1 for all riders
50 km – Rest stop #2 for 100 km riders and finish and lunch for 50 km riders
85km – Rest stop #3 and lunch for 100 km riders
100 km – Finish for 100 km riders


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